In the lexicon of human expression, the "Science" series emerges as a dialogue on the enigma of discovery. Science is often perceived as a foreign language, inaccessible and esoteric, especially to the Arts and Humanities and is here rendered with a tactile intimacy. Each canvas, from the dance of the Higgs Boson to the choreography of DNA, becomes a translator, bridging the chasm between the known and the arcane. The series doesn't merely depict scientific milestones; it deciphers them, inviting the viewer into a realm where the unfamiliar is made familiar, where the foreign is domesticated. In a world where many stand on the periphery of scientific understanding, these works beckon them closer, offering a seat at the table of comprehension. As we grapple with the theme of 'foreignness', this series is dedicated to the universality of curiosity and the shared endeavor to decode the languages we deem foreign.

Deep Emotions

The work series Deep Emotions explores the impact of colours on humans psyche and emotions. Each painting is accompanied by an aroma scent to create a multiple sense experience. 

Change is what I need

“Change Is What I Need” portrays women who, through their work and influence, have changed society for the better by following their inner voice and not being afraid to face rejection. They overcome barriers because they believe in themselves and in their message.

Are you ?

The installation "Are you?" invites the viewer to read and to listen to very personal questions based on quotes of the women portrayed in the work series "Change is what I need". ASMR sounds allow the questions to be perceived on a deeper level of consciousness.