Nele Pye

Exploring humanity and human made science is an essential part of Nele Pyes work. She chooses acrylic painting and installations as her forms of expression and examines topics such as diversity and equal opportunities, color and psychology, science and questions of meaning.

Can we use scientific measuring devices to understand what the universe is and what we are? How can we live together peacefully and respectfully? How do we find inner peace and contentment?

The creation process combines the usage of digital sketching which is then translated into the final work painted or constructed in the studio.


Nele Pye studied in London and Leipzig (Germany). During her studies of design, typography, print technology and art she gained fundamental technical and conceptual knowledge about design and art and already won several competitions at University. Furthermore she was able to gain mastery in the field of printing technologies and original art prints. 

She also studied technology science and entrepreneurship to explore her interest in technological progress and what that means for humanity.  

Her work was exhibited at several group exhibitions in Germany and Europe and she debuted with her first solo show in 2023 in Munich, Germany. Her works are also represented in private collections in Germany and Asia.

Nele Pye works and lives in Munich, Germany.  

Upcoming exhibitions / fairs

Stroke, Munich
9th - 12th May 2024

Selected exhibitions / fairs

Group Exhibition: "Deep Emotions"
Art Number 23, Prague
8th - 14th December 2023
Vernissage: 8th December, 19.00 to 22.00pm

Solo Exhibition: "Change is what I need"
Farbenladen, Munich
07th - 29th October 2023

Stroke, Munich
29th April - 1st May 2023

JugendKunstBiennale Sachsen-Bayern, Zwickau

Selected for Exhibition

JugendKunstBiennale Sachsen-Bayern, Hof
Selected for Exhibition