Wang - Edition

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Fine Art Print of "Wang"

40 x 30 cm 
Edition of 3, numbered and signed
Giclée Fine Art Print on 310g German Etching

About the Artwork

Josephine Baker started her career as a showgirl in Paris. But she soon used her fame to campaign for human rights and fight against Nazi Germany. During World War II she was a member of the Resistance and the Free French forces.

With her rainbow family, made up of 12 adopted children from different backgrounds and religions, she showed that people of different ethnic backgrounds and religions can live together in peace.


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40 x 30 cm

Edition Details

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Edition of 12, numbered and signed
Giclée Fine Art Print on 310g German Etching

Giclée Fine Art printing refers to raster-free inkjet printing with pigment ink. Only inks based on lightfast pigments were used for the Giclée FineArt prints.

In addition to the basic colors cyan, mageta, yellow and black, many bright additional colors are used for detailed results and smooth transitions, and up to 4 different black tones are used for powerful depths.


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The art prints are securely packed in acid-free and archival cellophane bags for optimal protection.

Prints do not come with a frame. The prints have a standard format, so it's easy for you to buy the frame that fits for you. I recommend a frame that keeps the print at a small distance from the glass.